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About Us

Hello, I’m Allen Delahooke the owner and founder of BWM Electrical Services. BWM came to life in 2019. I would like to first tell you about the name and where BWM comes from. I knew going into business there would be hard times and really tough days, so I wanted to pick a name that meant more to me than a catchy name with a flashy logo. I picked a name that means the world to me BWM stands for Bentley, Wesley, Mason, my three sons.

At BWM Electrical Services we focus on three main goals: Quality, Honesty, and Integrity. Having values is a very simple concept that I am afraid a lot of companies have forgotten about. We do not strive for mediocrity but for excellence. We treat every customer as family. It is more profitable to us to win your business for life and have your referrals than to rush through jobs for customers we will never hear from again.

The most important part of our organization is our staff. All of our employees are background verified and drug screened. Each technician is carefully selected and put through weeks of training before he is sent to a call. We also have continuous weekly training to further education or obtain new certifications.