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Turn to us for electrical panel repairs in Smithfield, Raleigh & Clayton, NC

Appliance malfunctions and flickering lights are common signs that something is wrong with your electrical panel. To avoid frustrating electrical problems, you should have a pro look at your equipment ASAP. BWM Electrical Services offers electrical panel repairs in Smithfield, Raleigh & Clayton, NC.

In many cases, the problem is caused by outdated or underpowered equipment. If this is the case, you can trust us for a new electrical panel installation. Reach out to us today if you need electrical panel repair or replacement services in Smithfield & Clayton, NC.

How to tell if you need new electrical panel

Electrical issues should never be ignored, because they can indicate more serious underlying problems. You'll likely need a new electrical panel installation if:

  • You're installing multiple new appliances in your home
  • Your outlets are warm or discolored
  • Your breakers are constantly tripping
We can make sure your electrical system is up to code. To learn more about panel upgrades, call us today at 984-220-6075.

Rely on us for breaker installations in Smithfield & Clayton, NC

Have you noticed that you're constantly tripping the same breaker? Do you have appliance problems that are limited to a specific breaker? Reach out to BWM Electrical Services for breaker repairs in Smithfield & Clayton, NC. We can find out whether or not the problem is caused by a faulty breaker. If so, we'll replace it. Trust us to handle the breaker installation process safely.

Speak with an expert electrician in Smithfield & Clayton, NC today.