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Hire a local electrician in Smithfield, NC to install your home car charger

A lot of residents in the Smithfield, NC community have converted over to electric vehicles to cut down on the cost of gas. And to save even more money, you can install a personal car charger at your home.

BWM Electrical Services in Smithfield, NC will wire and install an electric car charger on your property so you can always be ready to go. It'll be connected to your regular electrical system, giving you one power bill to pay each month.

Speak with our local electrician in Smithfield, NC to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of home charging

A lot of gas stations, parking garages and public lots have electric charging stations now, but you often have to go out of your way to use them. With a car charger built right into your garage, you can plug in every time you're home so you never have to worry about running out of juice. And with energy-efficient charging systems, you won't overpay for electricity just for plugging in.

Hire a qualified electrician to install your electric charging station in Smithfield, NC.

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