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Upgrade Your Home's Lighting

Ask about our lighting installation services in Smithfield, Raleigh & Clayton, NC

Have you had the same lights for years? If so, you might be surprised how much of a difference new lights will make. Hire BWM Electrical Services for lighting installation services in Smithfield, Raleigh & Clayton, NC. You can count on us to install any type of lighting you'd like.

We also cover everything from electrical repairs and panel repairs to home addition wiring. Get in touch with us now for lighting installation services.

What can we install in your home?

With years of experience, our electrical specialists can tackle all kinds of electrical installations. We can install new:

  • Electrical panels to boost your property's energy efficiency
  • Outlets and switches allow you to use appliances without extension cords
  • Ceiling fans to help you stay cool during hot summer nights

We can even install car chargers, TVs, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Call 984-220-6075 today to schedule electrical installations in Smithfield & Clayton, NC.

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